Salary Predictor Model using machine learning on Docker

Summer Program 2021 #Task1

Task Description:

  • Install the Python software on the top of the docker container.
  • In Container, you need to copy/create a machine learning model which you have created in jupyter notebook.

step 1:We have collected Data and formed a dataset.

Step 2: Prepare an ML model of linear regression on Jupyter NoteBook

Step 3: Check if the Docker is available

Step 4: Download CentOS latest version image from Docker Hub

Step 5: Create a Container with the help of CentOS image

Step 6: Download Python in the Container

Step 7: Install the necessary libraries for the Python

pip3 install NumPy

pip3 install pandas

pip3 install scikit-learn

Step 8: Copy the ML Model from the host to the container

We use the command:

docker cp <model_name> <container_name>:/<model_name>

Step 9: Create a Model file in the Container

Step 10: Run the model on python

Thank you!