Object Recognition using CNN model

Mohammed Adnan
3 min readSep 8, 2021


Task 08 Summer Program 2021

Task Description 📄

📌 In this task :
👉Create a model that will detect a car in a live stream or video and recognize characters on the number plate of the car.
👉Secondly, it will use the characters and fetch the owner’s information using RTO APIs.
👉Create a Web portal where all this information will be displayed (using HTML, CSS, and JS)

Creating a model that will detect a car’s number plate and recognize characters by using image processing. For that created a web portal where the user will upload the picture of the car and the number plate will be displayed.

The approach on how it’s going to work is shown below:

Now, the code prepared is given below:

CNN metadata.php


CNN metadata.css

The above code given is used to function all the actions to detect the car and recognize the characters.

This is how the web portal looks like where the car’s image is uploaded.

We are using the above image of the car to fetch the details of the car and its owner.

After the image of the car is uploaded successfully, the web portal responds to the action, and there comes this final look when the car number is retrieved successfully.

Team : Summer_6_14
-Mohammed Adnan
-Prattipati Sri Raviteja
-Mohammed Awais Ahmed
-Saami Abdul Samad