Task 11 Summer Program 2021

Task Description 📄

Till date whatever we have learned in Flutter, is need to be implemented in some way integrating other technologies with it.

1. Create attractive GUI
2. Make sure you implement other technologies if possible
3. Show your creativity (Optional: Animations,Responsive UI,DB connection ,etc).

The code given below written in dart language is programmed and ready to execute to run the flutter app seamlessly.

After writing the code, we run the code without debugging which is given below:

Run Without Debugging

Now, choose the virtual device to run the app which is also called a mobile emulator.

It will start the emulator and wait for the emulator to connect and run Gradle Task.

Running Gradle task

Opening the images app on the device.

Select an image

Now, when the emulator opens and the app runs successfully, select each image and it will give the prediction of whether the image is having a similar object therein or not.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4


This flutter app created will detect objects in images and real-time camera streams.

Team : Summer_6_14
-Mohammed Adnan
-Prattipati Sri Raviteja
-Mohammed Awais Ahmed
-Saami Abdul Samad